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Name:Phyllis Barr
Company:Corporate Culture Mkt. by Barr Consul. Services
Address:888 8th Avenue New York, NY 10019
City:New York
State:New York
Country:United States of America
Phone No:212-765-6968
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Phyllis Barr
Phyllis Barr, "Lady History" Helps Companies Go "Back to the Future" to Mine their "DNA"

Phyllis Barr is known as "Lady History" as she works with companies on leveraging their history & heritage as a marketing or fundraising tool, particularly at the time of a company, brand or not-for-profit anniversary.

She takes companies on a journey to the past to mine their "DNA" and History & Heritage to leverage it, setting a company apart and appealing to the desire of the consumer for reliability and dependability as well as the good feelings that they engender. In hard times, in particular, "nostalgia" is in!

She has degrees in Journalism and History and has been writing since she was five years old! A native New Yorker, she has a deep knowledge of her "home town" -- past and present.

Barr is the receipient of the Advertising Club of New York's Crystal Prism Award and the Arts & Business Council Volunteer of the Year Award. Her articles have appeared in a variety of publications and she has spoken to varied groups and even lectured on the QE2.

She has an interest in the arts as well and created the first arts section in a college or university newspaper. Barr  reads widely, has enjoyed acting, singing and stand-up comedy classes and is an avid Star Trek Fan.

Services include:



Curating exhibits for both on and off-line

Creating knowledge banks

Planning events

Oral History interviews
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